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Orchid Awarded Multi-Million Dollar, Multi-Year Contract to Keep the Manufacturing of Large Welded Electromagnetic Assemblies in the US

Aug 31, 2017

During 2015 and 2016, Orchid, a leading provider of electrical steel laminations and complete cores for electric motors, generators and power transformer devices, installed its third robotically controlled MIG welding cell to produce large welded core assemblies.

The transfer of work came to Orchid due to their ability to drive value into the parts for their new customer by placing slitting, stamping, annealing, assembly and welding of the cores all under one roof.


Orchid’s engineering team also contributed additional value to the project by researching, testing and selecting cost effective materials to maximize product performance while minimizing material costs.


Orchid’s customer is very pleased they were able to find a US based supplier with the experience and capabilities to handle all facets of this project and enable them to stay competitive in the Global economy, while still sourcing locally.

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