Orchid's primary focus is supporting the North American market. Orchid’s products are typically steel intensive so they are heavy to transport. To cover the North American market cost-effectively, including many customers in Mexico, Orchid uses both rail and truck transportation.

In order to expand its reach around the world and provide its customers with a global manufacturing footprint, as well as service international customers with locations in North America, Orchid has formed a Global Strategic Alliance with Hidria, a large European based manufacturer with a strong global footprint. Hidria is also a global leader in electrical steel laminations and motor/generator cores and has products and capabilities similar to Orchid, plus very extensive engineering and research capabilities. Hidria does not have a manufacturing location in North America, and Orchid does not have locations outside the U.S., so a Strategic Alliance and Cooperation between Orchid and Hidria makes a perfect combination for customers seeking suppliers with a global footprint. Visit Hidria to learn more about what they do.

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