Rotor Die Casting

When it comes to Rotor Die Casting, there is simply no comparison to Orchid. Not only do we offer custom tailored solutions, but we also boast the most complete offering of finishing operations in the industry — including auto skewing, auto pin, ID burnishing, reaming, OD brushing, grinding, machining, and more.

Orchid has manufactured hundreds of millions of rotor cores, and utilizes fully automated vertical, horizontal, and high pressure die casting systems. Our advanced capabilities and expertise enable us to produce a wide variety of die casting solutions, from small fractional horsepower motors to the most complex HEV EV Traction Drive applications. We provide computer simulated flow analysis and mold design, including complete program management. In other words, we offer a full service solution to any and all of our customers' die casting needs.

rotor die casting of HEV EV Traction Drive Motor Cores with 170.1 Aluminum in the USA

MIG Welding

Robotically assisted rotor die casting cell.